Equine Biomechanics and Performance Cameras


Louisa loves to study the horse in motion whilst working with them. Horses compensate over time to manage their symmetry problems, and then we add in the weight of a rider who is also generally trying to manage their own strengths and weaknesses in the body. This combined with trying to fit a suitable saddle opens many areas of investigation in the way the horse moves.

The Quintic Performance Camera is an amazing piece of technology. The camera is used to identify gait abnormalities, imbalances and uneven limb loading. It films at 300 frames per second so it enables Louisa to identify exactly what your horse is doing. She can then work with your team to help correct and improve on the findings.

The Performance Camera can be used to assist the eye's and feel when there os a change of saddle, bridle, bit, shoeing, body work and pretty much any subject of interest. We can also identify if the horse has better movement once the rider position is corrected through the Testt process. 

With the camera as the detail behind our eyes - this system leaves no stone unturned. It allows us to support any query you may have with regards to Horse or Rider Biomechanics. 

To work with the Performance Camera we must allocate a further 1-1.5 hours to your Full Evaluation/Saddle Check so please get in-touch prior to attendance. There is an extra cost of £60+VAT when using with a saddle appointment or £80+VAT used on its own. The footage takes approximately 3 hours to analyse after the data is collected.