Testt Certified Coach

Louisa has worked closely with Chartered Physiotherapist Andy Thomas over the last few years, to better understand how to help all of her clients with rider symmetry issues.

With 32 years Chartered Physiotherapy experience Andy has spent the last 16 years assessing over 12,000 riders, ranging from elite Olympic athletes to complete amateur novices riding in all disciplines. From these assessments, Andy has identified three different types of pelvic asymmetry and correction that have a profound effect on both rider and horse performance, this forms the basis of the Testt® process.

Louisa is qualified to assess and correct rider symmetry using the Testt process. This enables her to correctly use a selection of resistance bands, kinesiology taping and exercises to support the rider in change and help with saddle slip caused by rider weakness. If you would specifically like a full Testt session alongside your saddle fitting please let us know in advance so we can allocate the extra time needed. The charge for a full Testt session without saddle check is £50+ VAT or £40+VAT alongside your saddle fitting charge. 

This can be used alongside the High Tech Performance Cameras and or Tekscan Pressure Mat that can assess your horse's symmetry and changes in gait when you become activated as well as seeing how that affects the pressures under the saddle on the horses back. There are extra changes for use of Technology.