Terms & Conditions

Customer Terms & Conditions –

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, if you do not agree with them, please do not request our services or ask to buy from us.

  1. Buying a saddle or fitting service direct from Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles your contract is with Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles and you will pay LMC Saddles Ltd for the services and products supplied as advised in advance when you make the appointment for a visit.
  2. The costs involved will be advised when you book your appointment (or are at bottom of this page). If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your booking a full charge will be payable. Price change 1st March ‘24.
  3. Louisa CUOMO will complete various forms with personal information about you and your horse. This information is required for insurance and in order that we can saddle fit correctly and safely and to invoice you for the work done. If you are not happy for us to do this and for us to continue to hold such information securely for 6 years, then we are unable to work with you.
  4. Should Louisa Cuomo identify Lameness or Behavioural Issues on the day of your appointment – resulting in her not being able to continue with the evaluation the full charge will still be valid.
  5. If the Horse is not physically suitable for a saddle fit on the day of the fitting you may be referred to a vet or Equine Body Worker. The Full Charge for the visit is valid.
  6. Should you have any queries or worries you should contact us by telephone and/ or email, using the mobile telephone number – 07814 857097 or louisa@louisamariacuomosaddles.com. We do not use face book or face book messenger for such purposes.
  7. You will be asked to confirm that you are happy with the fit and service on the day that you purchase. And you will be asked to agree on the evaluation form confirming you are happy with all of the information written. We may also take a very short video showing you and your horse at walk, trot and canter on both reins, identifying you, your horse, the date, saddle specification and adjustments.
  8. We book appointments several weeks/months in advance, and to save our customers money we try and put appointments for the same area on the same day, so the travel element of the cost can be shared.
  9. The fees Louisa Cuomo will charge for the fitting service, travel and for any products purchased in accordance with the table at the bottom of the page - PLEASE READ 
  10. Should you decide after buying the saddle that you wish to return the saddle ordered within 14 days of purchase and we agree to take it back, you will be charged the normal saddle fitting fee indicated above and travel for these visits. 
  11. In the unlikely event where you have paid for your Evaluation with Louisa Cuomo and she is unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, your full money will be refunded back to your account within 48 hours of your appointment booked.
  12. If Louisa Cuomo allows one of her saddles to be used for several weeks as a trial she will charge £250.00 +VAT per month. If it’s on an agreed hire she will give you paperwork covering this. If however for some reason you are borrowing a saddle whilst having one made, and you choose not to go ahead with the purchase after the saddle has been delivered the saddle hire will be charged. Louisa is not insured whilst the saddle is with you, so you should seek cover.
  13. If you request the use of the Performance Cameras or the Pressure Mat there is an extra cost for the this on top of your Evaluation or Saddle Check (costs are on the website under the headings and on the bottom of this page)
  14. By signing the terms and conditions box on the Booking Form you are agreeing with the Terms & Conditions.

The forms and agreements you will receive before or after the saddle fit are as follows:

  1. Pre – Visit – Saddle fitting By Louisa Cuomo – a text message, email or message confirming our meeting will be sent prior to the visit. We may send the invoice for the appointment at least 48 hours prior if possible. Payment should be made by BACS Transfer 1 working day before the visit. If an invoice has not been sent the client should pay within 24 hours after the appointment.
  2. Pre – Visit – Telephone Text when confirming time and date for the visit, you may include history of your horse(s) in relation to work and saddle fitting
  3. On the day – Louisa Cuomo will complete an A3 duplicate Evaluation form/template recording the shape of the horse and the specification chosen. You are given a copy of this for your records, if it is the first template and you are welcome to take photos of the template changes. We will also complete a detailed saddle fitting check list to ensure we have completed all checks required. You maybe asked to sign this agreement on what has been written.
  4. The Evaluation Form will include Lameness or Gait Abnormality Issues (if identified)
  5. On the Day – Louisa Cuomo may take identifying pictures or video of the horse to add to the template forms of you riding your horse in the saddle in walk, trot and canter and possibly a voice over identifying you and your horse, the date, specification and the adjustments made.
  6. On the Day you purchase – Louisa Cuomo will ask you to sign a “Notice of Right to Cancel Contract” form offering you 14 days to return a CUOMO Saddle newly purchased. Please read this form that outlines your return policy.
  7. Your new saddle may be a bespoke build - for you and your horse. These saddles are only returnable on agreement with Louisa. 
  8. If you order a Saddle which you have paid 50% deposit for, and decide to cancel the order after it has been made - the 50% is not refundable, until the saddle has been sold.
  9. On the day – Louisa Cuomo will write on the Evaluation Form how you are paying for the saddle. This may involve a follow up invoice from the office.
  10. On the day – when you sign the Evaluation Form you agree to the following – I undertake to hold and save harmless and agree to indemnify Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles from and against any and all liability incurred by the undersigned arising as a result of or in any way connected to the provision of products and services, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any testing or evaluation of saddles or other equipment by CUOMO whether I and/or the horse I am riding is injured in any way.       
  • The implications of buying new bespoke saddles versus an “off the peg” saddles are outlined below.
  • If the saddle is made to measure and to a chosen personal specification it is not “off the peg” and it is considered in consumer law as a “bespoke” product. Normally when buying a product, you have to the right to cancel a contract within 14 days of receiving the goods without giving a reason. However, in the case of bespoke/made to measure items, i.e a bespoke saddle – there is no right to cancel the contract for the product. It is not returnable unless agreed with Louisa.
  • Should you have purchased a FITTED saddle that is “off the peg” – ie from second hand demo stock etc- you have the right to cancel within 14 days of receiving the item and your monies will be returned less a sum commensurate with its diminished value due to use. However, if that saddle was purchased after using our fitting service which comprises a consultation fee and a mileage allowance, the fitting fee is not refundable as it is a cost incurred for services rendered at the time of our visit to you, or your visit to us (when no travel allowance is charged). In this instance, you must inform us of your wish to cancel by a clear written statement to be received by us prior to the deadline of 14 days and are responsible for the cost of returning it to our offices. A saddle purchased after viewing but without fitting, cannot be returned for a refund.
  • Delivery – and therefore fitting if applicable, will vary according to the time of year for a variety of factors and will usually (not always) be greater than six weeks. Time is never of the essence as a condition of the contract, when we accept an order.
  • Pricing- All products are priced in pounds sterling and you will always be advised of the cost before you are expected to place an order. Delivery is usually by hand in the case of fitted products but If delivery is not by hand, then you will be advised of the delivery cost and expected timescale. We cannot be held responsible for courier delays.
  • Payment – we accept, cheques and bank transfer. Please do not email card details to us.
  • Fair wear and Tear Guarantee – The CUOMO trees are guaranteed for fair wear and tear for five years from the date of supply new to the original purchaser, providing they are used for the purpose supplied. Leather parts with exception of the seat (tree) are guaranteed for fair wear and tear for 12 months from the date of sale to the original purchaser providing they have been cared for in accordance with our care instructions.
  • Repairs – we will always supply a quotation for any repair but expect goods requiring repair to be sent to us CLEAN and free from horse hair and grease. If items are returned for repair in a dirty state you will be charged a cleaning fee of £48 including VAT. We will not repair items that are sent to us covered with mould due to the potential of cross contamination.

Customer Satisfaction – New Saddles – Your Right to Cancel

Please be aware that the fit of your new saddle may allow your horse such freedom of movement that a dramatic change in conformation may occur in a very short period, thus necessitating further adjustments. In order for us to provide you the best possible service, please contact your saddle fitter if you notice changes in your horse’s conformation or in the fit of the saddle.
We commit to working with you and your horse to find a viable solution for saddle fit. Please notify us of any issues within 10 days of receipt of your new saddle. We will address your concerns by:

  1. Making any necessary adjustments either on-site or at a fitting clinic
  2. Working together with you to find an alternative saddle solution. If we cannot satisfy your expectations once #1 and #2 have been addressed, we will take back your saddle and refund you your purchase price. If the saddle shows signs of excessive wear and tear, you may be charged a nominal amount for depreciation. After 14 days of receipt of the saddle, the sale is deemed final.

Cancelling an Order

Newly purchased Louisa Maria CUOMO saddles can be refunded 14 days from Purchase. If there is any signs of excessive wear and tear over this 14 day period, you may be charged a nominal amount for depreciation.

Limited Warranty

All leather and workmanship is guaranteed for one year under conditions of normal wear and tear. Leather is a natural product with inherent strengths and weaknesses. We closely inspect all leather, and all products are subject to stringent quality control; however, we can assume no responsibility for flaws in the leather itself. All metal parts on the tree itself (gullet plate, spring-steel and stirrup bars) are guaranteed for 5 years under normal usage original owner only. The obligation of Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles under its warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of any saddle components or, at the sole discretion of Louisa Cuomo, for the entire saddle. This warranty is only a warranty on CUOMO saddles sold by Louisa Cuomo. It supersedes and replaces any other warranties or conditions, express or implied, including any conditions or warranties implied by the Sale of Goods Act or any other statue. Under no circumstances will Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles be liable for any consequential loss, cost, damage or injury arising from the use of any saddle sold.

Contract Agreement

The stipulations in the Evaluation form used on the day of your fitting by Louisa Cuomo, constitutes the entire agreement and understanding of the customer and is expressed here in writing.
This agreement will be deemed to have been made in the United Kingdom, and for all purposes will be governed exclusively by and construed and enforced in accordance with the domestic laws prevailing in England and Wales, excluding the provisions of the International Sale of Goods Act (by which this Agreement will not be governed, construed or enforced), and the rights and remedies of the parties will be determined in accordance with those domestic laws. The parties hereby agree that they shall adhere to the jurisdiction of a court of competent jurisdiction in the UK, with respect to the enforcement of or any dispute related to the terms of the Agreement.
“Goods” refers to any Saddles, Girths, Stirrup Leathers and equine accessories purchased from Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles. Services include Evaluations, adjustments and repairs.
“Our” or “We” refers to Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles
“Off-site” refers to any location away from the physical premises of Louisa Maria CUOMO Saddles
Any provision of this Agreement that conflicts with any law of any jurisdiction or is deemed to be unenforceable shall be severed from this Agreement without rendering the remainder of this Agreement invalid.
This Agreement shall endure the benefit of and be binding upon the respective heirs, administrators, executors and successors of the parties hereto.

Saddle Alterations and Flocking 

The Cuomo saddle range is a leather product. We work to ensure we use the highest quality products at all times. The flocking that goes in your saddle panels we fill with Jacobs wool. This is the softest of the wools available and therefore takes a level of maintenance. We advise your saddles checks are left no longer than 5 months unless just purchased (within 12 months) where we advise your checks are no longer than 3-4 months. As stated we use Jacobs Wool.  There are several different wools but we choose this because it measures well under pressure, we feel it is a better quality flock, it offers an excellent memory rate. This wool is 100% natural and has exceptional breathability. It’s soft enough for comfort but hard enough for stability. It takes a bit more maintenance because it is softer than white wool but we like what it does when it’s found its place in the panel. It will mould quickly because it’s the softest wool. And it tests well under pressure. When we fit our tree to your horses back it’s a straight, solid object that doesn’t bend and shape to the contours of your horses scapula, muscles and ribcage. Thankfully the flocking supports this and your horses asymmetry. 
It is perfectly normal for your saddle to have flocking that is not even in panels. This will be more likely in horses with diagnosed pathology and/or Rehabilitation horses, where the horse has been in a compensatory pattern. (Please read our website on symmetry and the technology we own to support you and your horse) Louisa will always  do her utmost to support you through your rehabilitation program, but this does take team work and straightening your horse is your responsibility. We own world class technology that can support understanding you and your horses needs. The findings are helpful and can then lead to a better outcome when involving your trainer, equine body worker and vet. Team work is necessary to help horses with diagnosed pathology, injury and/or asymmetry. 

Trade-In Policy

Louisa Cuomo will be pleased to accept saddles at our discretion on a trade-in basis towards a new saddle purchase only as stipulated below.
Trade-in saddles accepted only under the following stipulations and at our complete discretion:

  1. Saddle must be a CUOMO Saddle – 10 years or newer and must be deemed saleable.
  2. Trade-in value to be assessed on FMV (Fair market value) as determined by an authorized CUOMO Certified Saddle Fit Technician;
  3. Saddles traded in within 1 year of initial purchase (new saddles only) trade-in value at 70% of FMV.
  4. Saddles traded in within 2 years of initial purchase (new saddles only) trade-in value at 65% of FMV.
  5. Saddles traded in within 3 years of initial purchase (new saddles only) trade-in value at 60% of FMV at the discretion of the CUOMO Certified Saddle Fit Technician.

Saddles sold on behalf of owner 

A 20%-25% commission charge dependent on age of saddle. Over 4 years old 25%


The fees Louisa Cuomo will charge you for the fitting service, travel and for any products purchased in accordance with the below table. (Updated 1st March ‘24)

 Item Charge by Louisa Cuomo Fitting for a full evaluation/new saddle fitting direct from Louisa Cuomo £90.00 +VAT
Follow up Saddle check 10-12 weeks after initial fitting £78.00 + VAT
Saddle fitting checks on Cuomo Saddle’s for all thereafter at your request £78.00+ VAT first saddle £30+VAT second saddle 

Saddle fit for a second-hand CUOMO saddle you have not purchased from us 

£110 +VAT per horse/saddle

Travel to appointments over 40 miles one way




£0.80p per mile as calculated by google maps either from the premises of Louisa Cuomo or the preceding appointment.

£80+VAT pressure mat

£70+VAT performance cameras with Evaluation or £80+VAT on its own