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robbie carpenter professional dressage rider 

Robbie Carpenter
Dressage Rider

Robbie Carpenter is an established and recognised international dressage trainer and rider. He lives, works and trains in West Sussex, where he also directs Belmoredean Dressage, a widely-regarded regional competition and training venue.
Robbie started his dressage career as a Young Rider, winning a series of accolades, which included being a talent spotting finalist. In recent years, he has trained and competed home-bred and clients’ horses at competition levels ranging from Novice to Grand Prix. Career highlights include competing at and winning the Hickstead Masters in 2008. When riding and training, Robbie focuses on a combination of technique, feel and empathy to achieve consistent and positive results, while building a close and trusting relationship between horse and rider.
Robbie’s clients value his honesty, simplicity, fairness and humour. He currently trains a range of horses and riders, from international eventing competitors to grass roots dressage and Young Riders.
Robbie is currently preparing to compete his own Le Roi De Charry (“Leeroy”), an 11-year-old gelding, which stands at 17’2 hands.  As they prepare for their first competition season, Robbie and Leeroy are both proud to be sponsored by Louisa Cuomo Saddles.


Myles west showjumping eventer

Myles West

Myles West is professional rider based in Kent with a reputation for training young and challenging horses.
Myles currently competes his clients’ horses in Show Jumping and Eventing. He is often seen introducing young horses to the competition environment as well as competing at all the prestigious shows. Myles frequently works with professional riders at the top of their sport, backing their young horses and working through behavioural issues. Myles’ patient and positive attitude plus 20 years of horsemanship experience enables him to train riders of all levels and abilities. He is known for helping horses and riders gain confidence along with improved skills and understanding. He also rehabilitates horses after injury or a break in training and prepares horses for sale.
Myles has worked with Louisa Cuomo for a number of years, and rides and competes in Cuomo saddles on his own and many of his clients’ horses. Myles and Louisa share a like-minded approach to riding and training horses, always putting the comfort of the horse first. Myles has found that Cuomo saddles enable the horses to move and jump more freely and he now recommends them to all his clients.

Sarah Payne & Lily Payne                          
Dressage Riders

Sarah always had a passion for dressage and was serious about her competitive career from an early age, having competed for Team GB, she since went on to establish the equestrian centre at Sheepgate. Over 25  years later they are proud to have a great following and be able to host many major competitions such as the Sheepgate Under 25’s Championships and Area Festivals with an exciting 2023 as they hosted the Summer Regionals for the first time. 

Having the support from Sarah’s parents, Bruce and Fay, Sheepgate has been able to develop from an original riding school to now focus more purely on the dressage, allowing her to invest more time into the dressage and training aspects. 

Located in Lincolnshire and being a family-run business, they are proud to have developed an equestrian centre that is of a high standard and able to cater for every level dressage rider… Between Sarah, husband Mark and daughter Lily, Sheepgate Equestrian continues to grow it’s excellent reputation for training, competing and it’s facilities. With Sarah and Lily, both actively on the competition circuit, both having competed internationally it’s fantastic to offer services to suit all of your needs and share knowledge as well as experience too!
Sarah Stewart
International Dressage Rider 
When Sarah bought Polly in 2009, it was with Grand Prix in mind. Sarah had always wanted to produce a horse to Grand Prix and Carl always believed in her and said she would get there. Along with Carl's help and many others, such as Sue McMahon and Isobel Wessels, Sarah fulfilled her Grand Prix dreams in early 2020, stating that it's one of the greatest achievements of her career. This was a thrilling journey which, as it is for every rider, was full of highs and lows. Polly got there against all the odds, as she did her hind suspensory when she was 8 and had 3 years off. The time off allowed Polly's tendon to heal and during this period, she had two foals. Having trained many horses up through the levels now, it has given Sarah so much experience and insights into what works. It has developed her coaching massively, giving her lots of tools, ideas and exercises to use when you hit a problem. Sarah is now looking forward to the future to see how Polly’s strength and understanding improves at Grand Prix. She is also fortunate to have a lovely string of up and coming young horses too, thanks to some wonderful owners who have put their beloved horses in her trust.  Sarah is also a BD level 3 coach. 

Paulo Santos Equitation Academy 

Working with Paulo Santos in 2023 we launched the Paulo Santos dressage saddle. Portuguese Grand Prix rider Paulo Santos is the trainer of the Working Equitation Development Squad and British WE Team as well as having students competing successfully in all levels of Dressage as well as International GP and Juniors/Young Riders. Struggling to find a saddle that worked for his pelvis shape, leg length and performance needs, we got to developing something that can help both him and the horse. We have built many saddles for Iberians including the most sensitive so that part of the design was quite straightforward. Paulo spoke of feeling his thighs and knees being turned out to much and not being able to get up close to the wither. 10 weeks of designing and Paulo’s saddle was created. We have both a male and female version of this saddle

Jersey Garrett
Dressage Rider

Jersey Garrett is an 18-year-old dressage rider based in Kent. Jersey is currently competing at Elementary and training medium/advanced medium on her own 17.2 Hanoverian Rocco.

Jersey also has a huge passion for backing and bringing on young natives and currently has a 14.1 section D Bonnie owned by a family friend, she backed and competed this mare last year at Novice and took her to Home internationals, Regionals and Under 25 championships at Sheepgate. Jersey has ambitions of turning this into a business for herself and develop those skills further.Jersey first started riding at the age of two, she began her riding journey riding all kinds of ponies at her family riding school, developed her first love for dressage on a little Haflinger, and she has never looked back!

Jersey has been working with Louisa for the past four years with three different types of horses that came with a variety of issues for saddling, such as the natives needing more room for shoulder movement and a narrow warmblood with huge movement and underdeveloped muscles, along with one shoulder nearly twice the size of the other! Additionally to this Louisa has also had to factor in Jersey’s extreme hyper mobility and has always gone above and beyond to create a solution that supports both Jersey’s challenges and the horse to enable them to perform to their best.

Jersey is extremely grateful to be selected as a CUOMO brand supported rider and looks forward to carrying on the close partnership with Louisa and her ever-growing collection of horses.


Nicola Bell
Dressage Rider

Nicola Bell, founder of Sparrow Oast Dressage and Simulator Training, is a TESTT Certified Coach and professional dressage rider/trainer. With the addition of Hoggy the Dressage Simulator acquired 9 years ago she has been helping riders find improved symmetry and balance on a horse. These riders have included, beginners, GP Dressage riders, eventers, show jumpers, para riders and many who are recovering from injuries/surgery. As a successful competitor herself she knows the importance of needing to be correctly balanced in the saddle in order to achieve optimum success for horse and rider.

Nicola herself always felt like her position was being compromised when she rode and despite trying a huge variety of saddles over many many years it was not until she found the Cuomo brand that she truly felt at home in a saddle. No longer feeling wedged in, or her pelvis being tilted in the wrong direction the saddle finally enabled her to help her horses find a better balance.Nicola won the Masters Medium Final at Hickstead riding Happy Diamond in 2008 and continues to train and compete up to GP level. Louisa Cuomo is an integral part of Team Sparrow and they regularly work together to continue to improve both the horse and rider balance, symmetry and comfort.


Clare Ashley Sponsored Rider
Clare Ashley
Dressage Rider

Clare is a UKCC level 2 BD Coach, List 4 BD judge and a Certified Testt coach for Andy Thomas Symmetry. She also has knowledge of rehabilitation work with horses recovering from kissing spine and lameness issues. 

She is currently training at PSG level and competing at Advanced Medium. Having been working with Louisa for 3 years now, Clare feels that Louisa's saddles have had a huge impact on the way of going with her own horse, he is now so much more happy in his work and able to produce correct topline muscle since being in one of Louisa's saddles. Louisa has assisted with her knowledge and understanding of how to get the best out of the horses  through gait analysis too and introducing Andy Thomas to help with Clare's own riding too. 

Some of Clare's top achievements this year include: Runner Up Area Festival at Medium Speedgate Winter, 7th at Area Festival Winter Championships Medium, 5th Advanced Medium Area Festival Speedgate Summer, 1st Music Advanced Medium Area Festival Speedgate Summer, 6th Advanced Medium Music Area Summer Championships, 4th Advanced Medium Area Summer Championships.



Emma McGurk
Dressage Rider

Emma has worked with Louisa Cuomo for a number of years, and rides and competes in Cuomo saddles. She has a talented dressage horse who she is excited to take out soon, Louisa's saddle has really helped her after recovering from an accident to feel secure, comfortable and balanced as a rider and knowing it is balanced and comfortable for the horse too. 

Emma has many qualifications including BD list 4 judge, BD reg UKCC3 Accredited Coach, BHS reg Professional Coach. A Testt ® rider Straightness and Symmetry Accredited Coach. Certificate L,5 in Equine Bio mechanics from Collage of Equine studies. BD Youth test judge and squad assessor. BD Southern Youth Team Coach.

Emma's experience enables her to work knowing she can really help with dressage riders of all levels from grassroots upwards, and eventers and showjumpers, who are looking to improve their horse’s way of going on the flat and over a fence. She has a wealth of experience riding and training horses from Novice to Small tour level. Emma is also a specialist in gymnastic pole-work classes for horses, looking at their Bio-dynamics to help improve co-ordination, balance and strength. 

Emma works with a Holistic approach, seeing the rider and horse as a whole. Then working as a team on areas that can be improved. Emma and Louisa share a like-minded approach to riding and training horses, always putting the comfort of the horse first and understanding the importance of the riders position and the effect it can have on the saddle and the horse's way of going.


ashleigh hill dressage rider

Ashleigh Hill
Dressage Rider

Ashleigh Hill is a dressage rider/trainer and breeder based in Kent. She has successfully produced and competed horses up to PSG level, working her way up from young riders to seniors having gained experience working for and training with some of the most talented riders in the UK. Ashleigh has competed at every level up to and including Advanced Medium. Successfully placing at Area Festivals, Regionals and Nationals at every level.

Ashleigh uses her knowledge and experience to help train riders of all abilities, helping them achieve their goals no matter how big or small. Many of whom now ride in CUOMO Saddles.

Ashleigh is so grateful to be supported by Louisa and the CUOMO Saddles. Louisa has really helped her further her knowledge on biomechanics. Louisa’s understanding of biomechanics partnered with her practical saddle solutions has improved Ashleigh’s self awareness when riding and her horses way of going, allowing for a sounder, happier horse. Also an invaluable start for her small collection of youngsters being backed and produced through her breeding program. Louisa’s passion comes across in everything she does and having a saddler who is as passionate about Ashleigh’s horses as she is, is totally invaluable.


Lucie Bernarova
Dressage Rider 

Lucie is a dressage rider and coach based in Prescot, Merseyside. She was born in the Czech Republic and has been living in the UK for 20 odd years now. Lucie always had an interest in producing young horses correctly, setting them up for successful futures with their new owners. But dressage is her real passion; she's had great success with her lovely mare Barchetta, that she co-owns with her breeder Sandra Tinker. 

Having been placed at many regionals and Area Festival finals from Novice to PSG and have a National Title at Advanced Medium Music, they are now preparing to compete internationally, for her home country, hopefully starting middle tour this year. 

Lucie is very excited to be a Louisa Maria Cuomo Saddles supported rider, as she believes that these saddles and the technology used, as well as Louisa's love for making horse and rider comfortable and happy, is just something that Lucie wants everyone to know about! 

Barchetta is loving her new saddle too and can't wait to show off her moves in the white boards. Exciting times ahead!


Josh Daly
Dressage Rider 

Josh is a classical dressage rider and trainer based in Bedfordshire, where he is currently a trainee instructor of the school of Legerete (founded by Philippe Karl - French classical master) . 

Josh regularly trains horses and riders of all abilities, takes horses in for schooling and rehab, teaches regularly and competes. He enjoys working with all types of horses and loves achieving better partnerships between horse and rider.

Josh has a passion for saddle fitting and biomechanics and is super excited to be a supported rider with Cuomo Saddles and is very appreciative of the opportunity to add her to his team of recommended professionals, saying that Louisa's knowledge and experience will be hugely beneficial to him and his horses.

Within the first few months of owning a Cuomo Saddle, Josh could see and feel a difference in his horse, and has since recommended the saddles to numerous clients and they too are benefitting from them.


Kate Johnson
Dressage Rider 

Kate is a dressage rider and coach based in Knowsley  near Liverpool.Kate started competing in showing then dressage at age ten and then progressed through the ranks of FEI Pony and Junior levels representing team GB on numerous occasions, and winning the prestigious National Talent Spotting Finals. This gave Kate excellent foundations to start working full time training and competing horses whilst working for some top Olympic dressage riders.

Kate is passionate about helping riders and horses achieve their best whilst in having happy and harmonious partnerships, and having seen the positive impact Louisa and COUMO saddles had made to horses and riders she had seen, made Kate very keen to see how Louisa could help her own horse Gabriella NG!

Gabby is a nine year old PRE mare owned by Kate and Carol Sanderson who is currently competing successfully at PSG level. 

Working with Louisa has given Kate the confidence that Gabby is in total comfort and freedom, as well as Kate being able to sit balanced and supported without being ‘blocked in’. Kate absolutely loves the attention to symmetry and comfort to each partnership that Louisa, her saddles and the technology can bring, and has already felt huge improvements in Gabby since being in a COUMO saddle. Kate is extremely excited and grateful to become a COUMO supported rider on their long road to Grand Prix!

Esperanza Dressage  

Emma Thomas and James Smith based in Surrey specialise in the Spanish breed. They are very experienced riders and trainers and do a fantastic job of backing and producing youngsters for their ridden career. They also specialise in preparing the Spanish Horse for the Spanish classes in-hand and ridden. They train and compete their own horses as well as their clients horses. 

Rachael Hawkins
Dressage Rider 

Rachael is a dedicated 23 year old dressage rider based in West Sussex.  She rides for Ormonde Hall and has trained her own 10 year old Hugo, to Inter I, with assistance from Claire Gallimore using the TRT method. 

Whilst still on ponies Rachael had an eclectic riding experience including Showing and Working Hunter, through to British Eventing at Novice.  She moved onto horses to concentrate solely on dressage and was offered a place on the Elite Dressage Academy at Hartpury.

Rachael was fortunate to get Don Antello, an older PSG school master who enabled her to compete in Young Riders at home and abroad, coming 4th and 5th in the CDIs at Hickstead and Le Mans.  They won the Hickstead Dressage Masters Small Tour Championship in 2019 and then competed U25 GP before retiring him from competition.

During her gap year Rachael trained with Kirsty Mepham, moving to Belmoredean and Ormonde Hall whilst at university, riding Louise Moore’s just backed 4 year olds.  She is now devoted to riding and training full-time and has recently been given the ride on Ormonde Hall’s two advanced horses.

Rachael met Louisa three years ago when struggling to find a suitable saddle for Hugo and has been recommending her ever since.  Rachael appreciates the importance of having an expert saddler in her support team.  Especially one who can design the saddles to benefit both the horse and rider and one who truly understands the biomechanics of both; possessing the experience and equipment to get the best possible outcomes.  She is very excited to become one of the CUOMO supported riders.