louisa cuomo saddle teskcan pressure mat  
The Very Latest In Saddle Fit Technology  
The CUOMO brand is the only independent saddle fitting company in the UK to own a Tekscan Pressure Mat, as well as the Quintic Performance Cameras.  
Pairing Louisa’s specialist saddle fitting knowledge with the latest research materials, CUOMO saddles can offer a unique solution to common saddle fitting problems such as saddle slip, asymmetries and crookedness.  
What is the Tekscan Pressure Mat?  
  • The Tekscan pressure mat is the most advanced pressure mapping system available to measure saddle pressure 
  • It can report on pressure distribution across the whole of the horse’s back when being ridden 
How does it work?  
  • Uses a specially designed CONFORMat sensor to fit the horse and saddle to eliminate false pressure readings  
  • Sits underneath the saddle attached to a bespoke saddle pad 
  • The CONFORMat system provides accurate information on pressure distribution and Center of Force trajectory  
  • Uses 2,000+ individual sensing elements  
  • Reports onto a digital software in real time to assess high pressure areas 

What can it be used for?  
  • Saddle fitting evaluation including investigations into equine asymmetry and crookedness 
  • Poor performance diagnostics 
  • Saddle slipping forwards, backwards or sidewards  
  • Rider analysis  
  • Informs on saddle fit, positioning and padding 
  • Can indicate areas of asymmetry   
  • Informs fitting by objectively showing where areas of high pressure exist  

To find out more about the Tekscan Pressure Mat and if it could help your horse, please contact Louisa. Sessions must be pre-booked, there is an extra charge of £80+VAT per saddle.   

The Pressure Mat can only be used after a Full Evaluation has been carried out. To interpret the data captured Louisa would need to understand the saddle on the horses back, the asymmetry issues (if any) and conformation. The evaluation may have been carried out at an earlier date within 6 months of the pressure mat assessment. 
Due to the nature of its specialist technology, the Tekscan is very delicate. If for any reason it is deemed on the day that the horse and rider combination is not suitable for the Tekscan, you will not be charged. Full T&Cs apply.