The Impact of Equine Symmetry on Performance, Wellbeing and Saddle Fit

This event is now taking place online only, please note date change to 15h January 2022.

Join Qualified Saddle Fitter and Biomechanics specialist Louisa Cuomo for a thought-provoking online seminar on 15th January at 7pm focusing on equine biomechanics with the support of the latest investigative technologies including the Tekscan Pressure Mat, Performance Cameras and Testt Rider Assessment. Joined by 3 horse and rider combinations at different stages of their careers and development, Louisa will demonstrate how symmetry and saddle fit can have a direct impact on the horse’s movement, wellbeing, and performance.

The seminar will start with the first rider, Ashleigh Hill, riding a young and talented horse who shows great potential for the future. Louisa will investigate the impact the saddle has on the young horse’s symmetry, straightness, and strength and how subtle changes visible with the performance cameras allow greater analysis and therefore allow for improvement.

Understanding the implications of correct saddle fitting and its effect on performance, the second combination of Sally Abbott and her experienced horse will ride in both an old and new saddle as well as being activated using the Testt Method and assessed during training. Louisa will investigate how technology can analyse changes in saddle fit and when accompanied with correct training can promote straightness, freedom of movement and rider effectiveness.  

Concluding the seminar, Louisa will be joined by Robbie Carpenter showcasing his advanced dressage horse. Working very much together to ensure marginal gains, Louisa and Robbie demonstrate subtle changes that improve the horse’s performance in order to gain ever increasing marks from the judges.

Throughout the seminar, the technologies used will offer an exceptional insight into horse’s saddle fit, symmetry, biomechanics, strengths, and weaknesses and therefore how they can be improved to optimise performance. 

Date: Saturday 15h January 2022, 7pm

* Please note date change

* This seminar is now online only