Horses with diagnosed pathology, rehabilitation horses and those with asymmetry.

Horses that do not move straight, do so for many reasons. But mostly it’s for comfort. They feel comfortable moving in their possibly crooked, dysfunctional way. That is fine if it’s a retired, unridden horse that’s just carrying itself. Horses that are in a ridden, or performance role ideally need to be straight. 
As riders we put ourselves on these generous animals. It is our responsibility to ensure we put our horses comfort first. Asymmetry is key. If your horse move’s with asymmetry, it will be loading certain joints more than others. Eventually this will lead to soreness and lameness. 
When we fit a saddle to these scenario’s we are fitting a straight solid object. The flocking in the saddles enables us to work with the horses asymmetry. This is why we chose flocking over the other options. It will shape and mould itself to your horses scapula, back and muscles. It is normal for your saddle panels to have uneven flocking, if we are working with an asymmetrical horse. Pathology does not go away and can get worse with wear and tear. We will always refer riders to a vet if the horses asymmetry, saddle slip or behaviour deteriorates. Equine bodyworkers should also be assessing your horses alignment, symmetry and performance and guiding you professionally always considering the above mentioned. 
At CUOMO saddles we are lucky to own the world class technology that can support you and your horse in better symmetry. 
Horse welfare is vital.